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Aerospace Engineer

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I'm an Engineer with an Aerospace Engineering Bachelor's Degree and working towards my Master's Degree with projects background in UAVs. I have had the opportunity to have three internships at NASA at two different centers as an Aerospace Engineer Intern. Used to work as a Process Technician for Danfoss Power Solutions. I aim to make a difference through my creative solution and innovative approaches. 

I graduated from Iowa state University in May 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. I‘ve had many academic experience and leadership roles through school projects and organizations. I’ve been the Propulsion Team Lead at AirOne which is a part of an aerospace organization called Make:2:Innovate. I have had experience leading teams in the creative process, work in a cross-functional team and create/ manage milestones to fulfill project requirements as well as improving them. I also was a Research and Testing team member in ISUAV at M2i. There I have had many research experiences, like identifying the best part in the market for the project and contact manufacturers for price negotiations. I also was the President of the Egyptian Student Association which I organized many diverse fun full and academic events. I used to work as a Process Technician at Danfoss Power Solutions where I support, troubleshoot and maintain electrical & mechanical equipment used in the process to build, paint and pack hydrostatic pumps, motors and components. Had three internships at NASA. Two of them I worked as an Aerospace Engineer intern at the Aerodynamics and Propulsion Branch in the Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology Project. The last internship was an Aerospace Engineer internship at the Propulsion System Analysis Branch in the Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology Project. Now I'm working towards my Master's Degree in Aerospace engineering.

Name : Mostafa Youssef
Email : info@mostafay.com
Phone : +1 (515) 817-3693
Interest : Full-Time



Work & Academic Experiences

Aerospace Engineer Intern @ NASA Glenn Research Center

Jun 2021-Aug 2021

- Analyzed and Tested Gas Turbine Jet Engines using Numerical Propulsion System Simulation(NPSS) software.

- Modeled and analyzed electric motor configuration using Simulink.

- Researched and introduced a new software tool to improve engine modeling design processes and analysis for AAM/UAM configurations (CFIT)

- Researched, documented work, logically organized, composed and presented engine modeling training and lessons learned.

Aerospace Engineer Intern @ NASA Armstrong Flight and Research Center

Aug 2020-May 2021

- Studied, evaluated, and tested engine/motor software tools applied to Urban/Advanced Air Mobility (UAM/AAM) configurations.

- Utilized AAM/UAM design software to investigate groundbreaking configurations, development, and evaluation of preliminary models of using NASA Design and Analysis of Rotorcraft (NDARC).

- Implemented, Improved and Trained team members on a newly developed engine modeling NASA software.

Process Technician @ Danfoss Power Solutions

Jan 2019-July 2020
- Provided technical support and training to assembly and manufacturing personnel.- Conducted troubleshooting for electrical & mechanical equipment used in the process to build, paint and pack hydrostatic pumps, motors and components- Programmed Robotic Arm and setup for manufacturing to ensure product specifications and qualities are met.- Designed tooling and fixtures for manufacturing by collaborating with the process engineering team.- Assisted in creating, modifying and revising standard work (SW) documentation.- Provided a line of support for the assembly cell as the next level of escalation after the cell expert for manufacturing issues related to safety and process quality- Tested the prove-out of a new processes and changes by gathering data, making

Propulsion Team Lead @ AirOne (Make2Innovate)

Aug 2017 - May 2018

- Designed and built a propulsion system for Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAS)

- Conducted thrust, thermal and flight tests in safe enclosure and performed risk assessments

- Developed Optimization tool to achieve an optimal flight configuration using MatLab and Wolfram

- Optimized the propulsion system to increase flight time by 40%

- Performed a variety of team management tasks including directing meetings, maintaining communication between sub-teams and planning milestones

- Designed and managed the project’s website

Research and Test Team @ ISUAV (Make2Innovate)

Jan 2017 - May 2017

- Improved the system’s efficiency through performing trade studies on various components

- Tested the overall system using laboratory tools and ensured safety in the lab during tests

- Analyzed data collected from tests and concluded results in written report


M.S. Aerospace Engineering - Iowa State University

Aug 2019

Took Aerospace Engineering courses (15 Cr.) at Iowa State University

B.S. Aerospace Engineering - Iowa State University

Aug 2014 May 2018

Took Aerospace Engineering courses (162 Cr.) at Iowa State University

Undergraduate - Mechatronics Engineering - German University in Cairo

Took courses in Mechatronics (27 Cr.) at German University in Cairo