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Hi, I'mMostafa Youssef

Aerospace Engineer

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Category : Academic Projects
Project :ISUAV
Completion :May 2017
Role :Research and Test Team Member

ISUAV is a student group working to design and manufacture UAVs for the civilian market. The group focuses on the aspects of affordability, ease of use, and multi-role capabilities. As the civilian UAV market continues to become more mainstream ISUAV will work to position itself to be on the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Being part of the research and testing team, I was required to research the best parts of electric dusted fans (EDF) components for a complete propulsion system and contact manufacturers to negotiate prices and discounts. I have also communicated and worked with other teams and cooperate in a cross-functional team, to meet the project goals.


After selecting the parts, the team and I tested the overall system in various test procedures and created a test bed so it would maintain airflow and keep the EDF safe. This EDF was able to produce 14 lbs of thrust  and maintain flight level for 18 mins. 

Check out the video down below