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Egyptian Student Association

Category : Organizations
Organization : Egyptian Student Association
Completion :May 2018
Role :President

I was voted to be the president of the Egyptian Students Association which is a diverse group that aimed to show the Egyptian ancient history as well as it's modern culture and amazing natural sites to all students on campus and the community.

This student organization contributed with many academic, fun full and diverse events:


Lecture program


The association invited Dr. Essam Heggy  with the collaboration of the lecture program to talk about "Water Exploration in the Solar System" and his work with NASA on the Rosetta mission project.Dr. Essam Heggy is a Research Scientist at the Microwave Systems, Sensors and Imaging Lab (MiXIL), at the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California, and at the Rosetta mission project office at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

International Food Fair

ESA was part of the international food fair which hosted different organization from different parts of the world to cook and sell a local dish from there country to students and the community attending.


Friendship Fair

The Friendship fair aimed to show the diversity of the Iowa State University to the local schools community. The fair would take place at the public library and the association would showcase and display the Egyptian culture and answer questions.


Cyclone Market

 The cyclone market was a place that the Egyptian  organization sold and showcased Egyptian souvenirs and cooked local food. This event was both marketing and fundraising event for the association which targeted the local community and the students.


International Peace Walk

This event was hosted by the Iowa Resource for International Services (IRIS) and the ESA took part in it. The event would be located around a local Lake where the community would walk around this lake and meet different booths for different organizations located around it.


Soccer Bubble Ball Tournament


This tournament would host multiple teams competing to win prices by playing soccer in the inflated bubble balls and each team would bump into each other to get the ball and save their goals from the opposite team which creates a fun atmosphere for students on campus.